Angel Luis Irene Succumbs

 Community   Tue, June 11, 2013 01:05 PM

Washington, DC - Angel Luis Irene a prominent civic activist and Executive Director of the Vida Senior Centers, passed away Monday evening at the Hospice Home in Florida. He had been in treatment for kidney cancer. Services at Incarnation Church have not yet been confirmed.

Just a few weeks ago he was honored by DC’s Mayor and City Council with a “Get Well and Tribute Celebration to Angel Luis Irene” at Washington’s waterfront. 

According to a family note, “old friends, Alberto Gomez, Sonia and Jose Gutierrez, Pepe Lujan and Carmen Ramirez, partners in community work, spent the weekend with him.”

Frank Garcia with the DC Latino Caucus shared this background and a video link honoring Angel Luis Irene.

Click for video

A Puerto Rican by birth, Angel Luis Irene had a distinguished public service career finding resources for the needs and solutions for the problems in the growing Latino community in the District of Columbia. In 1974, Mr. Irene served as the first Latino Social Worker with the DC Chapter of the American Red Cross. In 1977 he worked as the first Latino Legislative Aide to the District’s Delegate to Congress. From 1979-1981, he served as the Executive Director of the DC Council of Latino Agencies. In 1981, Mr. Irene worked for the DC Office of Personnel to establish a citywide Hispanic recruitment program and later served as special assistant to both the Associate Director of Operations and the Deputy Director of Personnel. In 1999, he was recruited by the DC City Administrator to assist with the establishment of the new DC Department of Motor Vehicles where he held a variety of key positions including Chief of the Management, Planning and Analysis Division. He helped establish the Bilingual Translation Act, the Council of Latino Agencies, the Office of Latino Affairs, and the Latino Commission. Mr. Irene last served as Executive Director of Vida Senior Centers (formerly known as EOFULA, Educational Organization for United Latin Americans), the oldest Latino community-based organization in the District of Columbia.

T.L. Oliver