Community   Tue, December 08, 2009 09:39 AM

New York, NY – A new, innovative website has just been launched that is providing timely, useful information to the nation’s burgeoning Hispanic population.  Called HispanosInfo, the site helps to meet primarily the needs of Spanish-dominant Latinos by providing information, advice and links to other sources of information and services. 

“Our research reveals a tremendous information gap for Spanish-dominant Hispanics,” says Marcela Miguel Berland, president of New York-based LatinInsights, a market and political research firm.  “Although growing numbers of such persons have Internet access, they do not find sufficient information in Spanish. HispanosInfo is a bilingual site that will also serve the needs of bilingual and English-dominant Latinos.”

The site, Berland explains, features current events along with sections on immigration, finance, employment, education, opinion, health care – even on love and romance.  “Our goal is to provide a service that helps Spanish-dominant persons find important information quickly and easily, to be pointed in the right direction.  Our goal is to help them realize their dream and create a virtual community for all Latinos.”

HispanosInfo, say the founders, will be guided at all times by the great promise of the Hispanic community, and an attitude that says “juntos podemos,” or “together we can.” 

“It’s about empowerment,” Berland adds, “so that every Hispano in our nation can find the necessary tools to advance – access to better education, useful information on health care, sound advice on personal finances, information on legal matters, immigration and more. 

The new site can be accessed at

Marcela Miguel Berland